Where Is God During the Coronavirus?


With sweeping measures taking place across the world trying to contain the pandemic that is the coronavirus, you may be asking yourself, “Where is God? Why did God allow this to happen? Why didn’t he stop it? Where is he?” When events like 9/11 and the coronavirus occur, it is normal to have these questions. Most sane people ask similar questions regardless of if they are religious or not. In times of crisis we turn to God, trying to make sense of what is occurring around us.

The Bible is a book filled with troubling times and turmoil. It is a book filled with heroes, heroines, and acts of miracles and wonders. It uses language which shows the depth of human emotions, atrocities, and experiences. It also clearly shows where God is during every situation. Today as we look across the world, we see the coronavirus and God is also right here.

Jesus is at work in hundreds of ways. He is directing and giving wisdom and guidance to public health officials, medical teams, national advisors, and the leaders of the world. The Lord is at work raising up facilities to produce the items needed to combat the virus. God is also at work on a personal level. In a crisis, the hug of a family member means so much and brings tears to the eyes. A word of encouragement from a friend strengthens us for the day ahead. A song on the radio buoys our spirit to lighten the anxiety and stress of the day. He is at work giving us courage and strength. The Lord is at work in a multitude of ways today.

It is easy to look around and see where God is not. God did not strike down the coronavirus before it began. He did not put all of these measures into place before the spread of the virus. We see the effects of the virus in countless nations and, as the death toll rises, we ask yet again, “Where is God?” God is still here. He is giving guidance and wisdom to each individual. He is the still calm presence to those in isolation in hospitals and homes. He is the sense of peace a person may feel, even as they surrender to death. He wails and grieves alongside the family members and friends who have lost loved ones. God remains constant throughout every situation.

The Bible never foretells a future on earth without disaster, disease, or poverty. Yet in every situation in the Bible God was at work, just as He is today. He will continue to deliver people, save them, and guide them until each situation ends. He is our constant hope and peace. We can live at peace because the Lord is with us, for us, and is working to deliver us from the coronavirus. We do not have to wonder where God is in the midst of the coronavirus, God is here.

Reality Changing Obseevations:

Q1. Where have I seen God show up recently during the coronavirus?

Q2. How can I maintain my beliefs in God while grappling to understand the current situation?

Q3. Take a moment of peace to try and sense and feel Jesus today. What did you feel?

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