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natalie gonzalez

What seems like only yesterday’s ago I was pregnant, again, and driving my husband to work at a ridiculous time of day. We were a one-car family at that time and sacrifice cannot begin to describe this daily drive. However, after this fated trip, my faith flourished more than could ever be imagined.

Dated as it is, that very day I embraced and let a form of faith into a part of my life that I hold very near and I’d been privy to Christian music and it all made me say to myself, “Bleh! Gag me with a spoon!” So on this day you’ll read about a very amazing thing that happened and how it married my two worlds together - faith and music.

Now I hear my daughters call out requests for Tauren Wells' song "Known" or for KING & COUNTRY’s very amazing song “Joy”. Or the undoubted Adele of Christian music Lauren Daigle. This music is not stale. It will not put you to sleep. In fact quite the opposite. Who thought Christian music could accompany me on a jog, which is normally where Lil Wayne or Cardi B come in. Toby Mac makes my feet MOVE....keep walkin’.This discovery was such a positive event in my life. In so many more ways than this one article could ever explain. Enjoy with your whole heart what you are about to read. I was very pregnant I will note which can account for some of the emotional crazy. Please proceed...oh also you should find your local K-Love station if you're looking for a way to broaden your faith. Because as I said you’d be very surprised how music can change your faith once you begin to let your ears hear it not just listen to it.

​I was driving home at five a.m. on my morning adventure recently, this is about a 35-minute drive home...I decided to mute the music and pray. I like the silence, there's very little of that to be found at home. So while I was praying I was pretty emotional (which isn't far off for me) and I decided maybe it was not a good time to pray since tears + driving = Geico payday.

We're union. Safety is key. So I decided to try the radio. I began changing the, not I came across channel 89.7. This station used to be Classical South Florida. I know this because I played it when my oldest was a baby as the music soothed her when we were in the car. Figured some classical music might calm my nerves. But instead of Mozart I got a big earful of GOD.

K-Love is now the name of the Christian radio station that is residing on FM 89.7. The music was calming. Moving. Even the talk portion was enriching and wholesome . No commercials, no ads....just Jesus. So much so that I turned to that very channel again and again. It's just what I need to hear at the right moment. As if God selected a playlist just for me.

And it goes farther, the rabbit hole is deep and wide. (There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.) I start hearing secular music and saying to myself...."Self, if this song wasn't about premarital sex and drugs and all kinds of sinny could be as if God was saying it to us. OR that WE are saying it to God. As if Justin Bieber sings lyrics like "is it too late now to say sorry, cuz I'm missin' more than just your body" was about feeling remorseful for his sins and apologizing to God to share in the Body of Christ? Or the song "How Deep is Your Love" by Calvin Harris....what if that song was God singing to us about our devotions to Him? All lyrically compounded in such a way that is mysteriously hidden behind every cauliflower in the mashed potatoes! I guess if you want to see Jesus, he's all around you. Always has been.

When you change the way you see things, the things around you change. And there it is....the C not that one! Change. Change. Say it with me...change. We have to be smart enough to look at the situation and choose to take the brighter approach. Choose to hear the Holy Spirit in your radio, choose to make lemonade out of lemons. The lyrics to the song may be wrought with sin but given the right wash....anything can be clean again. Trust me....I'd know.

Be safe, Be great, Be YOU!

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What songs make your mood change?

Q2. When you choose a song to listen to, what type of effect does it have on your mood?

Q3. Does having a more positive outlook on things change your playlist? How?