A year ago I was asked to take part in a very cool thing. I was asked to write for the magazine you are reading right now. All voluntary and at my leisure. I’ve written almost forty articles for them now. No notoriety, no big get rich quick scheme. Just a lady who kind of writes well, sharing some of the good news with a little cussing and a lot of sarcasm and humor. I started with an article about football and as I approach my one year of writing, why not follow up with one?

If you know me, you know I am a Miami Dolphins fan. I read a meme last night that said, “If you’re ever having a bad day, just remember you could be a Dolphins fan.” If you’re not into football, just know that the Miami Dolphins are not the best team in the NFL. In fact, they may be the worst currently. That being said, any Miami fan dislikes with great passion the NY Jets. It’s somewhat embedded into our teal and orange bloodstream. Sad to say I’ve jumped on this wagon of dislike.

As my hometown team seems to be living up to their worst season ever, I've become more of a football fan. I watch and really focus on the players, not the team necessarily. It’s complicated when your home team sucks. We will leave it there. Since this isn’t their first sucky season, I’ve been dabbling in player focus for a few seasons now. Yes, even checking in on Tom Brady. Last month, Monday night came around and the two teams playing were the Cleveland Browns versus the NY Jets. It doesn’t matter what team you cheer for; if you’re not a Jets fan, you hate the Jets. It’s a law of football, actually.

For such a hated team, why would I write about them? Tenacity. That’s why. This season started off with a bang for the NY Jets. Their main quarterback got mononucleosis (of all things) and is out for as long as a month, which translates into about four to six games.

So you get your second string out and pray he’s prepared. He was. Man, oh man, did he look confident. Right up until he got hit pretty bad and the takedown smashed his ankle. The replay was hard to watch. Insert bone crushing noises. It’s insane how one false move, one hit, one throw could be the one that wraps your career up!

With the second string quarterback now unable to play, you reach in your bag of tricks and grab what I call your “clipboard quarterback”. Luke Falk is the guy who watches the other two guys play and writes notes. He patiently waits around on the sidelines for his “Put me in coach, I’m ready” moment. Well, Falk got that call. He answered the phone and got into the game. He also lost the game, but it wasn’t just him. It was a mix of different factors and mismanagement that inevitably lost the game. What I thought so important to note was his tenacity. He really had to play a reserved game so as not to injure himself because, well, he’s the last line of defense. But he played anyway. He knew he couldn’t give it his all. He knew he had to play a little under par to protect his team and unfortunately he lost.

When Falk's back was up against the wall, he played. He didn’t flake out. Then he played again and lost. Tenacity is defined as ”The quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.” Something us human beings do daily whether we notice it or not. We wake up in spite of being tired, we go to our job even though we want to stay home, we take out the garbage, c’mon not one person wants to do that job.We do all these little things every day that make our lives better in the bigger picture. We can choose tenacity or choose to be captured by sloth and gluttony. Which to me doesn’t seem like the right fit for a fulfilling life.

The point is that sometimes we are in the eleventh hour of our life. We have pulled all the shots and done all the things to prepare for success and still we fail. We tirelessly try over and over again, knowing full well that we may lose. Sometimes we do lose, but let me explain. I would rather lose over and over again than never have had a shot to try in the first place. Life isn’t fair and just. It’s filled with inequality and unjust situations that are more than enough to sit you square on the sidelines of your own life. Preparedness is important but it doesn’t mean that when you’re called to play that you’ll win. It means that you’re ready to try. Just “Falk It”! I promise that you’ll be amazed at how you feel when you try. To try and fail is better than to regret never trying. Put me in coach, I’m ready!

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. ​How does your attitude effect your decision making?

​Q2. When you think about your future, what is it you see? Are you comfortable with that vision?

Q3. What is one way you can go all in today that may or may not mean a win for the team but could mean a win for your confidence?

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Great Article Natalie! I had no idea what a tough season the Jets had. Such a great testimony for being ready for the call.

Congratulations on one year of writing!

Q1. ​How does your attitude effect your decision making?

When I’m calm I make much better decisions.

​Q2. When you think about your future, what is it you see? Are you comfortable with that vision?

I see myself happy with my kids and my husband. Traveling and being grateful.

Q3. What is one way you can go all in today that may or may not mean a win for the team but could mean a win for your confidence?

Today I will not complain or say anything negative about someone else. I will choose to see the good in situations and people that frustrate me.