I’m in the middle of potty training twins. One of each sex. Needless to say patience is thin and everyone is walking on egg shells. Except for my husband, who is full throttle behind this idea. 100% balls to the wall ready! Of course it’s easy to be 100% when you’re not here all day being peed on. By the tone of the past few sentences I’m sure you can imagine that things around the Gonzalez Farm are very tense.

One side of the equation is stressed out and covered in urine while the other side is full of positivity and zeal. As much money as it costs for diapers x2...what is your sanity worth to you? As I take another dripping baby to the potty chair, I remind myself that it is just today and that tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow things will change. Sometimes that helps. But the real struggle I think I’m having is with that change. And recently I’ve noticed a lot of people coming to me with issues for prayer that have to do with just that....change.

It’s not pretty. It’s usually hard and it often sucks beyond measure. Whether it’s a gradual change or something that occurs over time, inevitably the initial reaction to change is pretty shocking. To whatever type of change it is. So I began to examine my life and all the changes that have gone on here and there throughout these 30-some-odd years.

What I’ve come to notice is the constant resilience of the human race to adapt to the changes around them. At least that's true in my case. I mean, look, this is just potty training here, they aren’t going off to college. But taking the diapers away means they aren’t babies as I called them earlier and as their second birthday approaches I realize that the reason I’m so upset is because these are the last of my babies.

I’ve had to accept that my family is complete and look forward to the journey ahead of me that extends so much farther than pee pee in the potty. I know there is so much more than that; my oldest is entering her teens. And I look around and it’s all changing around me.

With both hands clasped in front of me I pray to the God who never changes. His love is always there to support me through the seasons of my life. And in each change I know I may not always have what I need around me to combat it (like tile floors and endless Lysol wipes) but I have above me a God who can support all the change that is inevitable.

Just as I begin to give up on it all, my son walks over and hovers over the red and yellow Mickey Roadster Racer potty seat and pees all by himself. Only showing me once again that sometimes you just have to be patient and wait for it to come.

So while you're waiting for God to open a door or close a window....pray in the hallway.

Be Safe, Be Great, Be YOU! Amen

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. How have changes big and small affected you?

Q2. Have you ever potty trained twins? How did you not pull out your hair?

Q3. What could you do to help someone you love to boost them up when they feel defeated?

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natalie gonzalez
natalie gonzalez


Fire breathing, person eating dragons indeed. One day at a time Kelbel. They won’t walk down the isle peeing all over the place...and if they do that’s someone else’s problem at that point! Lol blessings


Once again, this speaks right to me. God bless you Natalie! Thank you for freely sharing your wisdom with us. And I’m so happy your babies are getting better on the potty, we’re tackling the same dragon at the moment.