Vancouver Canucks Lose Their Fortnite Privileges

Fortnite is blamed for the team’s poor communication skills.

The Vancouver Canucks have had problems with scoring, defending and being a team in general. They have determined that Fortnite is partly to blame and have banned not only Fortnite, but all technological gadgets for the next six months on the road.

Canucks center Bo Horvat is leading the charge against Fortnite, calling video games a “waste.” He says “there’s better ways to spend time on the road.” To fill the void left by the absence of Fortnite, Horvat suggests lots of team dinners and hanging out together.

It sounds like Horvat doesn’t really understand just how beneficial Fortnite could be to building his team’s relationships and none of his teammates have learned how to connect with each other in the game. An article in softonic says, “Playing Fortnite with friends takes the experience from great to fantastic. There’s something special about finding, communicating, and connecting with old friends in a challenging and fun environment, or discovering new allies on Fortnite’s ever-changing battlefield.”

With Fortnite Battle Royale’s 50 v 50 mode, it takes quite a bit of teamwork to loot, regroup, and prepare for the final fight. It encourages players to help each other. Nick Statt, writing for The Verge, says, “In the dozen or so games I played after the mode first went live, I noticed other team members specifically breaking from what they were doing to gift me weapons and healing items, revive me when I was downed, and otherwise collaborate toward a shared goal in natural, seamless fashion. That often came through in the joint building of superstructures to protect one another from incoming fire and gain the advantage...I often felt an addictive, almost intoxicating quality to helping my teammates survive a fight no matter what the personal cost was, and even if it meant I was killed while trying. I liked to think that by doing so, I was encouraging others to pay it forward.”

If that type of altruism and camaraderie is what players can get out of Fortnite, maybe after another dismal season, the Canucks might consider learning how to play together in the virtual world of Fortnite.

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Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What video games would you play to teambuild?

Q2. How do the activities of gaming and eating dinner together compare as they relate to teambuilding?

Q3. What is your favorite video game?