Some exciting upcoming Transhumanist events …

Peter Christiansen

Some exciting upcoming Transhumanist events

NEWS: H+ Foresight, Technology & Society
NEWS: H+ Foresight, Technology & Society

Rapid techno growth curves have triggered questions about the vulnerability of a fluctuating society. Generational patterns of behavior remain unanswered by countless theories, strategies, and religious views. The gravity of concerns about where is AI/AGI headed and what policies and practices should be legislated to  keep us safe is not to be trifled with. Consequently, here in our midst are the transhumanists who have been addressing many of the questions for decades. Despite varied backgrounds, the core focus has always been on the use of ethical technology to improve human circumstances and to openly address and debate unexpected challenges of technology in relation to what the future human might become. The transhumanist approach is not located in any one field or enterprise. Its scope is continually evolving on par with the social, scientific, economic, political and technological landscapes. As a dynamic system that engages numerous points of view, this approach is needed today more than ever. Throughout the world people are undergoing unhealthy and unfavorable circumstances. There is not enough time to organize all the data and assess possible strategies and solutions to resolve the vast array of needs. How might we begin?  Step by step. For example, bring your own bag to the store and say no to the insidious overuse of polybags. Pay it forward with your knowledge to help inform others about responsible science and ethical use of technology. Give others credit for ideas you are building upon. Smile at every chance you get.