HTC Believes that Christianity Can Popularize Virtual Reality

VR Company banks that the Christian Church population has the potential to globally move the technology forward.

Christianity has always sought to leverage technology to proclaim the Gospel. Now at least one company is seeking to use that historic fact to advance its new technology. HTC has invested in the Christian masses as a way to generate interest about VR.

HTC’s Vive Studios recently leaned into Christianity’s experiential edge and large demographic test base by partnering with Brazilian VR production company Panogramma to create 7 10-minute-long vignettes, each focused on the miracles of Jesus described in the Gospel of John. The film premiered in 2018 at Europe’s leading Independent Film Festival - the Raindance Film Festival in London.

VR Focus reported that 7 Miracles was filmed in Rome and in Matera, directed by Rodrigo Cerqueira (Jesus VR: The Story of Christ) and co-directed by Marco Spagnoli (Hollywood Invasion, Hollywood on Tiber, Walt Disney and Italy – A Love Story). The VR film was produced by Enzo Sisti (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Passion of the Christ) and Vive Studios’ Joel Breton (Pirates of the Caribbean, Unreal, Anno 1602, Terrarria) and Rodrigo Cerqueira.

Joel Breton – the GM of Vive Studios said “We are thrilled to push the boundaries of story-telling in VR with 7 Miracles. Our amazing film production team has worked tirelessly to pioneer the technology for cinematic virtual reality and to bring the viewers back in time to experience the miracles of Jesus for themselves.”

Executive producer Enzo Sisti further added “I’m very proud of our work. Working on this project has been a wonderful experience for me and my team. This new cinematic VR technology has given my team and me a chance to create and tell more personal and intimate stories,”

The hope of HTC is that if a large enough test population experience VR once that that they will want to use it again. The Verge reported in talking with Breton that “billions” of Christians worldwide make for the perfect test case. “When I look at where’s my target audience, that’s a nice audience to be engaged with,” Breton concluded.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. In what ways have you experienced Christians using technology to further the Gospel?

Q2. What do you think are the potential benefits and risks with companies furthering the Gospel in order to promote their products?

**Q3.**In your opinion, how might religious people engage technologists in VR to further mutual goals?