Farmers Use AI to Boost Crop Yields

Nikki Diefenbach

The current economics of arable farming are not sustainable and a new approach is needed. A recent article in New Electronics reports that Small Robot Company is a start-up looking to replace the behemoth machinery being used in farming with lightweight, agile, and intelligent robots. The robots have GPS, a cloud-based operating system, optical recognition for farming, apply pesticides only to the affected areas, and use lasers to weed.

Joe Allnutt, head of the technical team at Small Robots says,

Precision farming and the use of robots to deliver that will mean crops will be healthier, the soil from which they are grown will be in a better condition, and yields will be significantly higher. Bills for fuel and chemicals will be reduced dramatically and farmers will no longer have to do basic farm work…

Tom, Dick, and Harry are the given names of the series of farmbots. Allnutt explains that:

Tom autonomously monitors the crop and soil, and keeps an eye on weeds. It monitors on a plant-by-plant basis. Dick and Harry then take care of all the feeding, seeding, and weeding. When one of these robots is needed, it turns up and does its job. When it is finished, we can take it away – they are easy to transport.

Farmers have a mistrust over technology because they have been oversold on tech that ultimately underdelivered. Because of the slim profit margins inherent in farming, farmers want technology that does not carry much risk. Allnut says, “The robotics industry, however, has a strong open source community to call on, which means that we’ve been able to leverage technology more easily.”

If farming with AI can be done in a way that makes the farmer’s life simpler, saves money, and contains all the knowledge it needs to perform its job, this could be the dawn of a new and better way of farming.

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