Will You Lose Your Job to a Robot? Find Out Now and Start Preparing

Automation threatens to disrupt up to 33% of the US work force in coming years. Are you prepared for a job transition?

With all the talk of the coming automation crisis many people are wondering will their profession be safe from automation in the next decade? The truth is nobody really knows for certain. New technologies can always disrupt the employment landscape.

The genuine threat with the current anticipated automation crisis predictions is the vast amount of professions that will be impacted simultaneously. Yes, in human history technology has disrupted occupations and humanity has always adjusted. But never before has the massive number of jobs being predicted ever been lost at one time. Arguably the best data on the subject available, the McKinsey & Co. report, suggests that a midpoint scenario in the US alone could be that 39 million workers could lose their jobs by 2030. In a rapid scenario that number could be as many as 73 million jobs forcing 33% of the entire workforce to change occupations.

So the pressing question is how will this impact you and your family? Will you lose your job? Will your spouse or your parent? How about your friends?

Since so many people are increasingly asking these questions Bloomberg has created a chart that you can enter your occupation into to see the current likelihood of losing your job to automation. You can see it by clicking the link below:

What the chart doesnt take into consideration is the loss of jobs that will occur if 73 million peoples spending and charitable giving dramatically changes. It also doesnt consider the potential civil unrest that could occur globally with such a disruption.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What is your backup plan if your current job were to be automated?

Q2. What ways can you practically begin to prepare for the emerging technological future?

Q3. How might you be able to diversify your skills in your current job to make an occupational shift if necessary?