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Do you know any Robot Technicians? In the next ten years you likely will. House of Bots came up with ten new jobs that will exist in the future. Most on the list are tied to emerging technologies like AI, VR, Big Data, and Blockchain. In a time where the focus is on how automation will destroy jobs, it is important to note that new technologies will create whole new industries that do not exist today. The challenges of new technology adoption, interfacing with older technologies, and applying them to new industries all combine to create a demand for new jobs and new skills. Human creativity aided by smart technologies can create wonders.

Don’t believe it? Just imagine a life coach that not only listens to you but can track your health through advanced sensors. They could detect diseases much faster than your doctor can today and provide personalized advice on how to improve your health. Armed with this knowledge of your body they could deliver unparalleled insight.

What about harnessing the power of AI to help the environment? Future professionals can be trained to interpret AI models in order to provide sustainable solutions for energy needs. This could apply to homes, companies and even whole cities. Well-trained technicians will be able to transform inefficient buildings into sustainable living places. The challenges of global climate change will ensure an increasing demand for such services.

These jobs are just a glimpse of what is possible. The only limitation will be a mindset that sees scarcity where it should see abundance. This paradigm is a welcome change from seeing technology as a threat for jobs. It is clear that many jobs will be lost to these technologies. Yet, many will be created. The challenge lies in preparing a new generation to take advantage of these new opportunities rather than fighting against the inevitable changes to come.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. How do you think technology will impact jobs in the future?

Q2. Does it bring you hope or concern?

Q3. What can we do to ensure technology augments rather than replaces human labor?

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