BMW Partners to Create a New Circular Battery Product!

BMW unveils a partnership to make a sustainable life-cycle loop for batteries!

So the circular economy is in full force with BMW announcing that they have partnered with Northvolt and Umicore to produce a sustainable life-cycle loop for batteries! If you've not heard of circular products or the circular economy check out the following links:

According to AutoWorld:

> The BMW Group, Northvolt and Umicore have formed a joint technology consortium in order to work closely together on the continued development of a complete and sustainable value chain for battery cells for electrified vehicles in Europe. The project is seeking to press ahead with the sustainable industrialisation of battery cells in Europe and the associated acquisition of skills, from cell chemistry and development through to production and ultimately recycling.

A truly pan-European consortium, it supports building technology and competencies across European borders. In fact,

> European Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič, stated: "Batteries are instrumental in our transition to clean mobility and clean energy systems. Thanks to genuine involvement of actors from all segments of the battery value chain, Europe is becoming the lead player in this strategic area. I therefore welcome that key actors of our automotive sectors are investing in the future of European battery innovation and manufacturing.”

In light of the recent IPCC comments that put us in a quickly warming world, it is more important then ever for us to be considering how we make products circular in nature. That is to say making core waste the core input of the product manufacturing process. Whether that be by design or by service, the odds of making and taking more from our planet is a losing bet. We are taking unprecedented levels of resources and less trees mean less oxygen and more greenhouse gases means more heat and less oxygen. These are known.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. Do you believe that global warming is real? What is your belief founded upon?

Q2. How much do you worry about global warming?

Q3. Do you agree that we should be doing more to prohibit the warming of our planet? What is the "more" we should be doing?