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natalie gonzalez

Did you ever hear your parents say, "You are who you hang out with"? While that may not be true for all friendships, the theory stands that we are the sum of our surroundings. And as Dr. Phil says, "Perception is reality." So for all intents and purposes, what people outwardly perceive you as, you are. You are the sum of the things you eat and drink. The sum of the things you see, hear, and touch too.

For instance, a crop top is very cute to look at, but once you put that crop top on, regardless of who you are in the community or your church or in ANY social setting, that crop top speaks about you without you speaking. People perceive you with your cute crop top differently than how YOU saw yourself in the mirror. That is just how it goes. And they will judge you accordingly, not that you should care...rock that crop top girl!

But if you listen to unsavory things, speak unsavory words, watch unsavory shows, eat unsavory food, et cetera, how you are viewed and perceived may not be what you think you look like both physically and spiritually to yourself. Doesn't it stand to reason that you might not taste all that good to a person viewing your life from the outside? Maybe you too are a bit unsavory? What if INSTEAD of watching that show where the dude cheats on his wife and gets her pregnant only to find out the baby isn't his (gasp), you watched something a little more wholesome? I am not saying that you have to go find the televangelist channel either or take it back a few decades to a Happy-Days-I-Dream-of-Genie place, unless that is your flavor and if so...enjoy.

A new show just began every Sunday on CBS and it is called "God Friended Me." I cynically watched, thinking that this would just be some political satire about blah blah blah. I was very surprised that it was exactly the opposite, it was all God-y and feel-good-y. The show's preface is that of an up-and-coming podcast DJ, Miles Finer, who speaks mainly about his devout atheism, despite being raised by religious parents, one of which is his Reverend Father. Miles has an epiphany after being friend requested by God which continues as God begins suggesting friends to him that without his intercession in their life may have come upon something unsavory and all sinny. Almost in a saintlike way.

Well, well, well CBS, whatcha doin'? The writers leave a lot of room for show growth and plenty of easily likable characters with redeeming qualities. By the show's end you get a real sense for the battles within these characters who are just lost in the world and searching. The sheep, if you will. It seems as if God Himself is trying to make personal contact with someone who could not be farther from Him and in doing so affects many lives around him.

By the episode's end I set a recording for the next episode the following Sunday because HOPEFULLY I won't be boycotting the entire NFL because my home team the Miami Dolphins can't do their job on the field. (Insert Ryan Vanillahill smack talk here.) Anyway. If you're here reading this, you should watch it. Not because it has God in it, but because it has people in it who have issues and are willing in a witty and sometimes funny way to accept the possibility of a "higher power" in their life. It has all the feels. And while it still has mildly inappropriate content in it too, the worldly salsa isn't that bad.

More to the point, it shows that no human on earth is perfect. Which is exactly who Jesus himself would have invited over for dinner. Not the unapproachable ultra-religious church types or the very rich, unfamiliar with God nay-sayers. The characters were interesting and had real grit in a funny kind of way.

Someone recently thanked me for being a channel into their search for God. They said that spiritually they couldn't even muster up more than just bringing their hands together with no words to follow. They said I was a channel...not a commercial but a whole channel that they could try to link their spirituality to. Look, no journey to finding God is an easy one, each is different and intricate. I know firsthand that the path is not straight, but maybe if you fill yourself with some kind of attainable God, some CBS representation of God, it wouldn't seem so hard to take the first step towards your own path that leads you straight to Him. It's worth a shot. "God Friended Me" airs on CBS Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST...what else are you going to watch? The Miami Dolphins lose; trust me there's nothing new there!

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. How might changing some things in your life that might not be "God Friendly" change your life?

Q2. Where have you been surprised to find God in a secular world? How did it make you feel?

Q3. What might you say to God if he Friend Requested you?