Dressed to Impress Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Kills It on Ellen!

Singer Lauren Daigle Makes Her Ellen Debut
Singer Lauren Daigle Makes Her Ellen Debut

Lauren Daigle made her The Ellen Show debut and took the stage with her song, "Still Rolling Stones" from her album, "Look Up Child". #LaurenDaigle #TheEllen...

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While listening to the radio the other day I came across some very contagious laughter, so I stopped to see what was so funny on WAY-FM. The DJ was interviewing an artist about a recent experience she had. As I listened to the artist’s answers, I began to recognize the raspy laughter. By the end of the interview the DJ thanked her and began to play her newest song. “And now because you won the challenge I’ll play your new song on the radio. (Daigle laughs.) Okay guys, here’s Lauren Daigle with Still Rolling Stones.”

The song was fantastic. I was tapping the steering wheel as I drove. Truly a breathtaking song. I sat in my driveway afterwards and downloaded the entire album on iTunes because I am that type of music listener. I listen to a song until it is quite literally dead as a door nail.

What I learned after googling the new song of hers far exceeded my expectations. When I typed her name into the search bar, up popped a brand new video of her performing on Ellen! Maybe you were watching TV that fated day when she appeared to the world. And the googling didn’t end there. I am now officially a fan of Lauren Daigle! And not just because this song specifically spoke to me, but because of all the meaning behind it and all of the other songs she has released both in this album and albums past. Let me explain.

Lauren Daigle was born in Louisiana in 1991. Blessed with a beautiful voice, she sang here and there over the years and almost gave up singing at one point. In that valley of her life, she was stricken with a debilitating illness that took her close to Death's door for nearly two years. When God rose her out of her sickness, she gave her voice up to God and has been singing for the Lord since.

But even more remarkable is her journey to Christian music and inevitably to Ellen Degeneres' stage. This young lady tried out for American Idol twice and didn’t make it! She must have shaken her fist at the skies so many times and said, “Okay then...what do you want me to do?!” But her patience paid off, and here we find her today, a Grammy nominated, platinum selling vocalist being tweeted and retweeted.

I read an article in Rolling Stone (Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?) that says she ranked number THREE in The Billboard 200 this week. Right under Paul McCartney and Eminem who are two very big performers. The article touched on how Alternative Christian music is taking a turn towards mainstream. Lauren Daigle's performance touched not just the hearts of Christians but of all people. Because Jesus wasn't walking around hobnobbing with dignitaries and popular people. He was in the trenches. That light that Lauren Daigle lit on the Ellen show gives me such fantastic hope to reach more and more people too. What an amazing day for God! What a proud Father he must have been to see her on stage like that. I second that pride Lauren! Well done girl. Belt it!

Check out Lauren Daigle as she performs on Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, November 7th!

Be safe, Be great, BE YOU! Amen!

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Q3. What was your thought or opinion on Lauren Daigle's performance? Will you watch Fallon?