Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz Starts Food Truck “Thy Kingdom Crumb”

Christopher Benek

The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation and The Connect Church have announced the launch of a new food truck ministry. The new initiative, called “Thy Kingdom Crumb,” seeks to serve the over 325,000 city residents that are experiencing the conditions Wentz's truck hopes to reverse. According to, one in five Philadelphians suffer from food insecurity.

According to the

“Thy Kingdom Crumb is a community initiative dedicated to helping ALL people experience the unconditional love of God in a tangible manner by distributing quality food for free. Thy Kingdom Crumb is meant to uplift everyone and anyone in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area regardless of their socioeconomic circumstance. It is our goal to communicate to each person we come in contact with that they are seen, valued, and unconditionally loved by Jesus.”

The site goes on to say that:

“Through the use of food distribution, community outreach, and Kingdom relationships Thy Kingdom Crumb exists to demonstrate the love of God and to infuse His hope by feeding ALL people and uplifting communities! By freely distributing quality food with excellence it is our goal to help ALL people experience the unconditional love of God in a tangible manner. By identifying various needs and opportunities within a community, outreaches can be designed to better facilitate compassionate care to those communities. Forming Kingdom-based relationships with like-minded organizations, people, and communities will increase the reach, capabilities, and impact of our programs."

This isn’t the first time that Wentz’s foundation has sought to use the athlete’s success to support the common good. Earlier in 2018 his foundation sought to match gifts up to $500,000 for the construction of a Haitian sports complex. Wentz had traveled to Haiti on a mission trip in the NFL offseason and was so touched by the experience that he decided that he needed to further respond. The AO1 Foundation Site partnered with Mission of Hope: Haiti and applauded the work of the organization, noting that the group’s work already “includes providing 91,000 meals per day, providing education for over 9,000 per day, and building villages from the inside out on a daily basis.”

A few months after Wentz’s visit, the AO1 Foundation granted MOH: Haiti the funds to complete phase I of the sports complex.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What is one experience that you’ve had in your life that has compelled you to help people and how did you respond?

Q2. What is an example of a tangible way that you have served others recently and how did that experience of serving others make you feel and why?

Q3. What is one way that you think you can use what you have right now to positively impact people around you?

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  1. I was taught to tithe from a young age 2. I contributed to an organization in my city that helps the homeless get into housing . It made me feel good, but that I wish I could help more. 3. I will continue to tithe. It may be to an orphanage in Pakistan, a ministry in Kenya that I have supported in the past, or my local pregnancy center or homeless ministry as the Lord leads me. SO many needs!