Google Boosts Services for Homeless at Church with Grant of One Million Dollars

Christopher Benek

Trinity United Methodist Church in Mountain View California has been a site for helping the homeless for years. Now the nonprofit that uses their site – Hope’s Corner - is about to get some serious financial help from a well-known tech giant. Google, whose worldwide income topped 109 billion US Dollars in 2017, has fully funded Hope’s Corner with a grant of one million dollars.

The nonprofit has been feeding 200 low-income and homeless people at the church since 2011. In December of 2017 the church, with assistance from the county and local agencies, launched a cold-weather shelter that can house up to 50 homeless single women with children. With the new grant many new onsite services will be able to be added to seek to help people change their online homeless status.

“Google is proud to provide funding to finally make this facility a reality, it will provide vital services to those who need them most in our community.” – said Google spokesperson Javier Gonzalez.

According to The Mercury News - County Supervisor Joe Simitian, got involved in the effort in fall 2016. Simitian recognized the church and the local residential and business communities for all coming together to turn Hope’s Corner’s vision a reality. When asked about the grant Simitian responded, “One of the challenges and also one of the opportunities that this project has presented is the bringing together of a great many folks who all wanted to do their part. To Google’s credit, they didn’t need persuading. They got it from the very beginning.”

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. In what other ways might tech companies and religious organizations partner to serve the common good?

Q2. Whose responsibility is it, in your opinion, to solve the problem of homelessness?

Q3. How can you help the homeless in your area right now?