Unity in the Technological Cosmos - Part 4 of 5: The Need for Christianity

Christopher Benek

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Scripture:Ephesians 4:1-16, NRSV

Location: First preached at Grace Presbyterian Church of Ft. Worth, Florida

What a lot of people fail to understand is that science and tech are perfect compliments to Christianity because they are practical day-to-day methods and tools that allow us to actively participate in the redemptive purposes of Jesus. Additionally though, folks often fail to grasp that people in scientific and technological fields need Christianity also.

Why? Because learning to follow the teachings of Christ helps form individuals into virtuous people. And better people create better science and tech that, in turn, create a better world. Beyond that though, if Christs teachings are actually lived out by Jesus followers, then people are genuinely cared for.

The conflict methodology created by the likes of The New Atheists has convinced many people with vocations in science and tech that they have to check their proverbial science and/or tech cards at the door of the church. And the damage that this false narrative then promotes is that people in scientific or technological fields dont actively avail themselves of the care and sense of ultimate meaning that the church can provide them.

For instance - Do you know what the median tenure at Amazon is? One year. How about Google? 1.1 years. Apple? Apple has arguably has the best median tenure among leading tech companies and they only hold on to employees for a whopping two years.

Why is this? It isnt that the pay isnt good enough. It isnt that the perks arent there.

It is that the hours are brutal. The burnout rate is high. And even more importantly, many people in tech cant find a sense of ultimate meaning in the work that they are doing on their own. Put simply, these folks arent being cared for.

But we as Christians are called to care for them. Every single person knows someone who works in science and tech. Every single person knows someone engaged in conflict methodology. Christ calls you and me to care for those people.

I cant help but be reminded when I read the Scriptures that it was religious people like me that Jesus was constantly wagging his finger at and it was the disenfranchised that he was constantly chasing after.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. When people fail to be cared for how is their engagement with others impacted?

Q2. Do you think that working a job that isnt tied to a sense of ultimate meaning dehumanizes a person?

Q3. How does having empathy for others change how we engage them?

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