Whole Foods’ Sales vs. Monsanto’s Sales

I made this graphic after reading quite a few comments where I saw people saying all Monsanto wants is money.

While I have no affiliations to Monsanto, they seem to be the perennial favorite to villainize. Isn’t the goal of all companies to make money? A company’s whose goal is to not make money is either a charity or a company that doesn’t exist (…because they didn’t make any money). All companies want money. Whole Foods, just like Monsanto, cares about their profits and their shareholders.

So out of sheer boredom, I decided to check out their 10-K reports. The SEC requires companies to submit 10-K reports on an annual basis. Just for fun, you can look up any company’s 10-K report on the SEC website.

I was a bit surprised that Whole Food’s sales were so close to Monsanto’s.

Whole Foods 2014 10K Report

Monsanto 2014 10K Report