Science Enthusiast Podcast 011 – Jayson Merkley of Vegan GMO

A Science Enthusiast

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Episode 011 with hosts Natalie Newell (Skeptical Parenting) and Dan Broadbent (A Science Enthusiast):

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Disclaimer: Does Trump even know where the Ukraine is?

Sponsor: Jill Stein thinks wifi is dangerous and panders to conspiracy theorists.

God of the week: Inara: The Middle-Eastern Protection Goddess – Protector of Wild Animals

Interview: Jayson Merkley! Jayson is the Director of Vegan GMO, an organization that advocates for a rational approach toward biotechnology as tool to reduce suffering and improve quality of life for humans and animals. He’s a 2015 Global Leadership Fellow in the Cornell Alliance for Science and also a contributor to the international MAMyths movement. Jayson holds a master’s degree in business administration from Idaho State where he majored in philosophy as an undergrad. He currently resides in Salem, Oregon where he’s a full-time volunteer advocate for science as a social justice issue.

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Why we love the Internet: Matt Romey 2016! #MakeBearsIceColdAgain

Quote of the Week: Without food, man can live at most but a few weeks; without it, all other components of social justice are meaningless. –Norman Borlaug