No, a third of Millennials don’t actually believe the Earth is flat

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Like eating tide pods or snorting condoms, not everything you read on the internet is actually a thing that’s happening or that kids are doing. Most Millennials don’t actually believe that the Earth is flat.

Give the internet some weird statistic on millennials and it’s gonna have a field day with it. Like this latest one: “a third of millennials believe the Earth is flat”.

Except it’s not, and they don’t.

Here’s what happened: in February, the online polling company YouGov conducted a survey on American beliefs about our planet’s shape.

“Do you believe that the world is round or flat,” the 8,215 participants were asked, and given a small range of answers to choose from:

– I have always believed the world is round;

– I always thought the world is round, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts;

– I always thought the world is flat, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts;

– I have always believed the world is flat;

– Other/Not sure.

The results, weighted to be representative of the US population, revealed that 2 percent of adult Americans are firmly convinced Earth is as flat as a pancake.

Meanwhile, 84 percent “have always believed the world is round.”

So far, so good. For further insight, the results were also broken up by age group, and this is where young millennials got an unexpected bashing.

As per the results, only 66 percent of 18-24 year-olds are firmly convinced of our planet’s spherical shape.

But that doesn’t automatically mean the other third thinks it’s flat. Here’s the actual breakdown of the data by age group:


As you can see, only 4 percent in the youngest age group expressed flat-Earther convictions, and a further 14 percent showed skepticism in either direction.

Not to mention a whole 16 percent who simply ticked the “other/not sure” box. Before you decry that last stat as the state of young people’s education (how can they not know!?), keep in mind – other YouGov polls of Americans have found that 13 percent of those young folks don’t even know what feelings they have about salad, and 20 percent don’t know what they think of romantic breakups.

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