Net Neutrality: What ISPs Like Verizon and AT&T Think of Their New Power

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After a long, hard-fought battle with the Federal Communications Commission, the internet is bracing for the loss of net neutrality. With net neutrality finally dead and gone as of Monday, internet service providers will have unprecedented power to control the online experience. So what do Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon have to say about their newfound power?

While each of these major ISPs promises to not disrupt the free and open internet, even if they go back on that promise, it’s unlikely to happen right away. Tech experts and consumer policy advocates don’t expect changes to happen for the next few months, as ISPs will likely avoid any large-scale changes in order to convince policymakers that the net neutrality repeal was no big deal after all. In the meantime, most ISPs have released statements in support of net neutrality measures to assure users they’re still in good hands… for now.

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