In Pakistan, Christian Woman Faces Execution For "Insulting" Muhammed

Asia Bibi, Pakistani Christian facing execution.Screengrab / CNN / YouTube

William James

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for insulting the Prophet Muhammed.

Bibi has been imprisoned since 2009.

She was accused of breaching the country’s strict blasphemy laws following a dispute in June 2009. Her lawyer said that Bibi intends to file her final appeal with Pakistan's Supreme Court on Monday.

Bibi, a mother of five from the rural village of Ittan Wali, Punjab, could become the first woman formally executed for the crime of blasphemy in Pakistan if her appeal fails.

In 2015, she received one stay of execution from the Supreme Court after lower courts rejected the appeals.

According to the Independent, Bibi was working in fields alongside several Muslim women when an argument ensued about water. The Muslim women refused to drink from the same water system as her since she was an "unclean" Christian.

Days later a local imam, who was not present during the argument, asserted that Bibi had defamed the prophet Muhammad during her dispute with the Muslim women. Bibi was sentenced to death the following year.

The international community has condemned blasphemy laws in Pakistan for being routinely enforced against religious minorities.

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