Gay Penguins Kidnap Chick From Its Parents At Denmark Zoo

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Maria B. Jimenez

In Denmark, a gay penguin couple 'kidnapped' another couple's chick while the chick’s mother and father were out and about.

Zoo keeper Sandie Hedegård Munck told Danish broadcaster DR that the male penguin couple at Odense Zoo had been desperate to become parents, according to Fox News.

Munck said:

> “When they saw the chick being “neglected” by its parents, they decided to intervene and snatch it in hopes of adopting it”

> "I could see that something was completely wrong. The parents disappeared and the kid was simply kidnapped”

> "It was a pair of gay males who had snatched it and was stood with it.”

The penguin couple saw their chance to kidnap the chick when its mom went for her daily bath. As she bathed, the chick's father appeared to have forgotten all about his parental responsibilities and left the chick alone by itself.

> She added: “When they saw him alone they probably thought ‘that’s too bad, we’ll snatch it'.

> "It was thought the mum and dad would return and claim their chick back, but that did not immediately happen"

Eventually, the chick's mom and dad came looking for it and custody was returned to them.

After seeing how the gay penguins cared for the chick, the zookeepers decided to give them an egg from a new mom. The new mom was considered an unfit parent since she was afflicted with illness.

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