‘Fortnite’ Addiction Blamed For Surge Of Divorces In United Kingdom

Screengrab/Daily Fortnite Battle Royale Moments/YouTube

Erica Woodson

If you are a parent and your child is into video games, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Fortnite — the multiplayer battle royale game feeding computer game addictions across the globe.

But according to Gizmodo, Fortnite isn’t just causing problems between children and parents.

It’s breaking up marriages, too.

> According to a blog published by Divorce Online, the company has received 200 divorce petitions citing "addiction to Fortnite" as a reason for divorce. Those 200 petitions make up roughly 5% of the cases handled by the company since January 2018.


> Perhaps it's not 5% of all divorces. Perhaps Fortnite-related separations are exclusive to this particular Divorce specialist. But still, it's an astounding number. Although one would imagine that there's more to breaking up a marriage than just one game. Excessive playing of computer games in general, of which Fortnite is played most often, perhaps.

Gizmodo’s recommendation to save your marriage? Play Fortnite together.