Dissecting A Food Babe Fear Mongering Campaign

A Science Enthusiast

It’s a little confusing to me why Vani would choose to pick on a burger chain based on the west coast (she lives in a home on the east coast). But hey, you gotta monger where the fear mongering is good I suppose. What’s curious is that she’s attempting another social media campaign so quickly after her miserable failure with Boar’s Head and the odd cookie crusade.

The fact is when you actually have facts behind you, you don’t need to engage in fear mongering or distort the truth. But that wouldn’t make Vani money, would it?

At least I’m pretty honest about the way I make a few bucks to support my hobby here:

Want to make your own In-N-Out graphic? Download the blank version.

Sources for the refutation graphic:


HFCS is no more dangerous than table sugar.

Glyphosate use per acre.

Vani drinks wine, a known carcinogen.

French Fries are delicious because: reasons. If you disagree, the terrorists win.

Vani’s business model.