Parishioners Glad To Learn Their Priest Was Arrested For Crime Involving Adult

William James

Andrzej Skrzypiec, 63, a Roman Catholic priest, was charged by Salt Lake City police for patronizing a prostitute. Skrzypiec has denied the allegation.

Skrzypiec claims that he was out purchasing food from a taco stand when he was arrested.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Skrzypiec approached an undercover officer downtown and allegedly agreed to pay her $30 for oral sex. The officer told him to meet her at a nearby hotel. Another officer, waiting down the street, pulled over Skrzypiec's vehicle and arrested him.

Skrzypiec released a statement to his parish informing parishioners that he would be taking a temporary leave of absence “in the face of recent personal challenges.”

He wrote:

> “During this time I will be seeking spiritual guidance and direction with the hope and expectation of returning to you soon.” He noted that his absence was not connected to the “present crisis surrounding the abuse of minors” by clergy within the Catholic Church, including some in Utah.

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