Baptist Leader Known For Minimizing Wife Beating To Teach Christian Ethics Class

Paige PattersonScreengrab / FriendlyBanjoAtheist / YouTube

William James

Paige Patterson, a former Southern Baptist Convention leader with a troubling past of minimizing domestic violence, will be leading a class on “Christian Ethics” at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Patterson is known for counseling women to stay in relationships with abusive husbands. Recently, Patterson advised an alleged rape victim not to contact the police after her sexual assault. Patterson counseled her to forgive the rapist.

Richard Land, the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, told the Religion News Service:

> “Dr. Patterson’s one of the most significant figures in evangelicalism in the last 20 years, at least, of the 20th century and the first part of the 21st century, and we believe that there are a lot of people who would like to hear from him about living the Christian life in America. I believe he’s an asset to evangelicalism and we’re looking forward to it.”

Land has also had his own controversies.

Land once said that President Obama and other black leaders were exploiting the Trayvon Martin shooting “to gin up the black vote.”

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