Betsy DeVos totally nails ‘The Real World: US Government’ casting interview

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If you haven’t yet heard, the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, had a great interview on 60 Minutes last weekend where she auditioned to be on the next season of MTV’s The Real World.

MTV’s show, The Real World, is the cult TV show where people stop being polite, and start being real.

Casting for this next season is still underway, as there are many openings left on the show.

For example, many cast members of The Real World: United States Governmentdon’t yet have proper clearance to be on the show, but that doesn’t stop a lot of prospective cast members from just showing up for work anyway!

And with cast members like Rex Tillerson finding out he was kicked of the show just this morning by reading it on Twitter, we can expect a lot more casting calls to come.

What’s important about these interviews is to give producers interesting responses that they can turn into catchy soundbites for their show. So I think it’s great that DeVos had so much, or sometimes so little, to say when she was asked questions.

Let’s be honest, it’s not fair to expect her to know everything about everything. Sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid, and DeVos knows it! Technically, saying nothing is still saying something!

Other fans of The Real World: United States Government expressed concern that DeVos showed up to the wrong casting call.

This is the type of buzz producers want to see, because it’ll generate more interest for their show. I can’t wait to see what happens next season.

Betsy, welcome to The Real World!