New solutions can make software compatible in managing school systems.

Education ERP Software | School Management ERP Software - Iconvidya
Education ERP Software | School Management ERP Software - Iconvidya

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All K12 directors of technology want ALL school management software to seamlessly work together within their district, but incompatible software programs, more often, than not, prevent the sharing of key data making it difficult to run a school business.

Notebooks are unable to run the most popular software communication failures between learning management systems and key learning programs, incompatibility can result in a disastrous mess when expensive technology designed to revolutionize instruction refuses to integrate or function properly with other digital tools.

Recently some technology breakthroughs have been made as Chromebooks will now have new access to popular apps and advancements in single sign-on technology, making remembering multiple passwords a thing of the past. Learning management systems or LMS can now accept a variety of data sources while performing key tasks automatically. This has helped schools in having fewer isolated silos of data managing data from student grades, attendance, and finance thus becoming more actionable for educators.

App capacity & Chromebooks

Chromebooks have taken schools by storm and is still growing strong but have also shown issues in incompatibility as they are Android-based and Google-centric. The latest batch of Chromebooks will be upgraded to run Microsoft’s Android apps. This upgrade is still under development and will only work with some existing models, however, all new Chromebook systems will soon run Android apps. This means access to previously unavailable programs will soon have access of early learning games, Microsoft’s Office trio of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This implementation is a huge change and will make Chromebooks a compelling choice versus PC or Mac notebooks. This expanded software will allow users to use these systems to their full capacity.

Passwords are a thing of the past

With a single sign-on feature teachers and students can log into all of the programs and apps they use during the school day without having to remember their dozens of passwords making it easier for teachers and students to open their learning programs with just a click of an icon. This ease of access is a huge time-saver especially when teachers are learning new programs in remembering passwords for each program. An open standard called “One Roster,” a component of single sign-on, automates the tasking process of setting up accounts of many educational programs as in the past it had to be done manually by theirIT department staff. Another huge benefit of single sign-on and One Roster is that concerns over tracking an abundance of usernames and passwords won’t restrict districts from adding new software learning programs.

Common Container

Usually an LMS should serve as a district’s central nervous system, collecting data from every class, office and employee. This how modern schools build a robust digital learning environment and automate thousands of necessary tasks each day. However, incompatibility issues between an LMS and a wide range of software can jumble data and/or send the information to the wrong place on the school’s servers. At its essence, a common container allows an LMS to communicate with ease and accuracy but does require heavy-duty programming. This common container or cartridge is designed to route all data to its’ correct place.


The move to a universal LMS world has one more advantage for school districts: data portability. Common container or cartridge allows us to move all data to a new system without the hassle of converting the data having less impact on a district’s infrastructure and is compatible with almost any connected PC, laptop, notebook, phone or tablet. Because the data is hosted online, and the content is delivered in a Web browser, there are no restrictions to PCs, Macs or iPads.

Simplelogix ERP school management software will help your school district in streamlining its’ processes with ease.

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Nice post! I agree with the author. technical progress should be introduced at school. This makes learning easier and easier for teachers. It will be easier for parents to control children's performance. and children will not order work on


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It surely becomes quite problematic when software designed to help in managing learning to do not work. These software should be made when accessed by all they do not slow down and need to click this site for further written explanation. We are trying to merge newer technology in our classes in order to make learning better and easier experience.

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