Woman can’t stop telling people about her Myers Briggs test results

Alternative Science

MODESTO, CA – A local woman recently discovered her Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test results, and she can’t stop telling everyone she knows about it. She’s an ISFP, and proud of it!

“A friend of mine told me about this online test that tells you what your personality is. Isn’t it amazing that we have tools readily accessible that tell you everything there is to know about yourself after a quick fifteen to twenty minute online test?” said Amanda Murdock.

“Most of the things I know and care about are on the internet, so it makes sense that I could trust the results. I mean, if it’s on the internet, it has to be true, right?”

“I just took the test, and boom! It proved everything I thought about myself going into it. I’m an ENFP! I recently became vegan too, so it makes all the sense in the world!”

Murdock’s friends could not be happier for her. Alternative-Science.com spoke with some of them to see how the results have changed her life.

“Before she took the online test, I didn’t feel like I really knew Amanda. She was kind of a mystery to me. I know I lived next door to her since we were little kids, and were even roommates in college, but I never felt like I could easily describe her using four simple descriptors like this online test does,” said Murdock’s best friend, Samantha Bosh.

Bosh added, “I feel like I can better relate to Amanda now that I know she’s an ESTJ.”

Murdock also explained that, unlike horoscopes, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test is “like, really, really accurate,” and that “licensed psychologists everywhere totally accept the results as overwhelmingly accurate.”

“Sometimes when I talk to my tarot card reader, I feel like she’s making things up now and then. Not so with the Myers Briggs. It’s confirmed to me that I’m absolutely an INFJ! Though the unproven hypotheses that support the test have been around since the 1940s, they were simple enough to understand that two people who didn’t have any formal training in psychology essentially co-opted and ran with it” said Murdock.

Murdock added: “There’s absolutely no way at all that you can interpret the results to get what you want. It’s totally different than a horoscope!”

Murdock also said that the test holds up over time for two simple reasons – because it works and makes people feel good about themselves.

“So the ideas behind the MBTI test have been around for about 80 years, and were made popular in the mid-70s by a public relations firm, but the test essentially hasn’t changed in over 40 years. It follows the typical mantra of those of us who are ESFP – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”