‘No one would know your names if classmates were still alive’

Alternative Science

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Colion Noir, a host on NRA TV, had the following message for the victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting:

To all the kids from Parkland getting ready to use your First Amendment to attack everyone else’s Second Amendment at your march on Saturday, I wish a hero like Blaine Gaskill had been at Marjory Douglas High School last month because your classmates would still be alive and no one would know your names, because the media would have completely and utterly ignored your story, the way they ignored his.

Alternative-Science.com would like to reiterate that the above quote is a real statement made by a real person to real shooting victims.

We can’t really make up anything more awful than this, this is a rare instance of reality being worse than anything we could imagine here on our end. So, uh, yeah. Enjoy that.